Wedding Day



We didn’t want a “traditional” Russian wedding, when a bunch of guests gets drunk out of their wits listening (and God forbid!) dancing to endless gipsy songs in a Brighton Beach restaurant. This is when John – Yuriy’s coworker suggested “Why don’t you have the ceremony at a hotel?”

We liked the idea – the thought of having everything – the banquet, the ceremony and the rooms to prepare and stay in the same one place was appealing to the both of us. And the Brooklyn Marriott wasn’t far away and pretty beautiful. With the place chosen, the only things left to find were a minister, a photographer, a hairdresser, a florist, a host, a caterer with cake, a.. phew, well, a lot. Fortunately Brooklyn has a lot to offer. Marriott has their own kitchen, so after we approved the menu and the cake – that was done. They also suggested the florist they worked with, who prepared for us beautiful bouquets (and introduced us to their two handsome cats). Our minister was an excellent professional, he agreed to perform a civil ceremony. Finally we found a good host from an ad in a Russian newspaper and he suggested a photographer he worked with on many occasions. The night before wedding, according the tradition the bride and the groom spend separately, he at home, she at the hotel with her mom, who we were fortunate enough to have all the way from Moscow.

The Wedding day ironically was the eve of American Independence day. While the guests gathered the bride prepared in her room. And she prepared so well, when she came downstairs, her future husband didn’t recognize her at first, just glanced at the approached group, but then he stared his jaw dropped. The bride was magnificent. Smiling she met the guests, and then there was time for the official part. We signed The Big book, then the witnesses did and we were officially married. But that wasn’t all. Our minister performed a beautiful ceremony that was profound and with the sense of humor, he even told us to kiss in Russian and used famous Indian paring words. After that the host entertained the guests, the program was light and funny, he joked he sang, he role-played with guests, but we were glad when it was over and we could finally retire to our room as husband and wife.





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