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Our Christmas

Matthew’s first Christmas was in 2005, he was 7 month old then. He could crawl and was learning to sit up. He was a good boy all… hmm… months and Santa brought him a lot of presents: awesome Winnie The Pooh railroad (with Grandma Tanya’s help), first two-hold cup and spoon, drum set and great high chair (with grandpa Boris, grandma Sveta and aunt Anya help).

Most of all he loved to drink chamomile tea by himself (with little dad’s help) and to eat sweet potato. He paid no much attention to the tree and ornaments and he didn’t like to be “reindeer” and put on costume. Well, may be he was too small for it.


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First car

On May 9th 2005 Yuriy breezed through his driving test, passing it at the first try. I knew it before – he was born to drive. We looked at many used cars and fell in love with Lexus. Ok, I fell and Yuriy said  “I do” “Yes”. It has beautiful color inside and outside, leather salon, great condition and moon roof! We are opening the world with it (and spending more money).

It’s inseparable part of our life: we return home from hospital in it in first Matthew trip. We are visiting malls and supermarkets in it, going on travels around Jersey City, lost and found in it.

We think it has a woman’s personality and named her Lessy. It seems that she like it.


Hyatt Hotel Two Days Vacation

Our honey moon two days in Hyatt Hotel, Jersey City. We was very pregnant. We ate great food in an excellent restaurant and swam in a pool, bought little things for the future baby (only in green and yellow colors), relaxed enjoying great Manhattan view. Impolite seagulls were our frequent guests, they demanded food and didn’t take no for an answer.


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Winter in Jersey City


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