Van Saun County Park

There is plenty to do for the whole family at Van Saun County Park which is also home to the Bergen County Zoological Park. The park offers six picnic areas, three pavilions, a baseball and softball field, tennis courts, train rides, pony rides, a scooter path, a carousel and a pond where fishing is permitted. The Bergen County Zoological Park is a “must see” where you will find animals from the North American Great Plains, Central and South America and the Farmyard. There is also a North American Wetlands Aviary. A small train runs around the zoo — a favorite activity for the children. — from the guide webside.

We love-love-love this park in any season, but especially in the summertime. There is always something to do there. The only negative part – possible parking problems on weekends.

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  1. William Bliss on May 4th, 2009

    Im now living in florida and am 53 yrs old. I resided in paramus, however, at 800 jersey place from 1955 until 1963 and frequented the park quite often(including opening day). My memories include cutting my foot while wading in the stream (required stitches)and being hushed by my parents after exclaining”hey mom and dad, look at the fuckn ostrich”

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