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Dim sum Dynasty restaurant

We have romantic memory from our first year together – Pecking Duck. And today we did it again but this time in company of our son.  Rice was everywhere! In his hear too. But staff  was very pleasant and everything went great. Thanks, dim sum Dynasty.

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DePiero’s country farm zoo

Last weekend we went to a farm again. In fact the store at DePiero’s farm can beat any supermarket – you can find fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat here as well as first class bakery. But what’s the best – you can get a lunch made from the very fresh products and enjoy it right there. You can also find Old Tyme New York Style Pickles where.

There’s a small petting zoo behind the building now, you can find tender goats, curious piglets and gentle calves there. Motyah, like a professional farmer, first tried cookies meant for the animals, and then fed them. He found a piglet’s nose the most interesting, if you look carefully, it fits two fingers precisely.

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