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Secor Farm

Cute little farm in Mahwah, NJ.


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De Piero’s Farm Harvest Time

Suddenly we were in Hallowen eve. De Piero’s Farm is already ready.


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New neighbor III


Here comes the color

I love autumn. It’s colorful, scent-full  and cool-weather-full time of the year. Fall is scent like fallen leaves, cinnamon (not our cat but spice) and nutmeg, flowers mums, chocolate and old dreams. Fall is gold like Pumpkin (not squash but our cat) in maple leaves,  and it’s red like fire in our old outdoor fireplace, brown like school lunch paper bags and black like Halloween witch’s hat.

I read somewhere that people love that time of the year which happen to have their birthday. Not me. Back in school, I certainly did not like autumn and loved summer like every child. Who did not?  I still sometimes have nightmares from standing at chalkboard, but autumn not one of them. Most of our great trips happen during fall.

Fall begins holiday season. I just love it.


Scandinavian Fest 2009

25th annual ScanFest celebrates the culture, customs, and traditions of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Hej!


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