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Strawberries at Farm View

Strawberry in season! We were at Farm View, Wayne, NJ. It’s good farmer market and farm with some strawberry patches to pick-up.


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NY Aquarium for birthday

We have brought the tradition and on each Matt’s birthday we go to amusement parks. This year we have chosen New York Aquarium. Matt liked the huge aquariums with fish and marine animals so do we.


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Hose goes. Rose grows.

Not the hose, but the rain left drops on my roses.


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Operation: “Saving rabbit”

There were two rabbits in our backyard, one of them was killed by unknown predator, but we saved another one! We caught a second rabbit and let it go in the Van Saun park. It was very fast.

Now you see it…


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Cute neighbor (V)

Today, Cinnamon (our cat) found in our backyard baby rabbit. Even a blind. She is not hunting, just watching. My first impulse was to save him from the predators (my cats and dogs next door),  so I caught it (surprisingly easy) and put it in a box. I don’t know what to do next. I googled, and found the answer:

So what should you do if you find wild baby rabbits?


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New Jersey Botanical Garden

Unfortunately, strong winds broke many trees and bushes near Skyland Manor, but volunteers are doing restoration works. However, in the garden is very much a variety of blooming shrubs, trees and just flowers. Very beautiful and bright.


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