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Wild West City

We were in the Wild West City. It’s western heritage theme park recreating 1880’s life in Dodge City, Kansas. Pretty funny, though not as I had imagined.


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Peaches and summer apples pick-up

Today we went to the Hillview Farms in Gillett, NJ. It’s a little farther away than usual – approximately one hour. We drove through the biggest city of the state – Newark. We seemed to have been in New York – skyscrapers and big streets, but many old factory ruins – hello from industrial past of New Jersey. The farm is little sloppy and simple, but the trees just bursting (literally) with peaches and apples. Quite expensive per pound, but if it goes for the good of the farm we do not mind.


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Craft Fair, Flowers and Butterflies

It was so sunny and bright day at New Jersey Botanical Gardens.


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