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Christmas in Pictures


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Christmas lights


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Farms View Christmas Tree Shop

We found our Christmas Tree at Farms View. So many choices even so close to Christmas. Wreaths, “kissing balls” and bowls too.


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Herold’s Farms Xmas Tree Shop

Some trees, some wreaths and décor, poinsettias and more in Herold’s Farms.


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Hidden Pond Christmas Tree Farm

Good trees, great stuff and free cacao with cream in this farm, but we didn’t have a heart to cut down a living tree, and pre-cut trees were too high for us.


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DePiero’s Farm

Old-fashioned Christmas toys, trees and wreaths. Great choice of fruit, vegetables, meat and a pond to get fishes with the latest Fish Finder Tech. And bakery, oh, my. German cookies and cakes (we bought very good-looking stollen with marzipan and famous Mozart candies)


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