Paramus Park Mall Easter Bunny

Ready or not, but most of the holidays is almost the same. Photos with mascots, the same candy in different wrappers, the same toys in different colors. Would you like glass ornaments in the form of Easter eggs? Candy corn in green and red?  Somehow it’s boring.

Anyway, Easter Bunny is in the town! You can make photo with him all April before Easter.





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  1. Miranda on April 20th, 2011

    We stopped by this afternoon for the pics with the Easter Bunny and the people working there are so RUDE. First of all I asked to take the photo as I sat my son and she waited until she wanted……by that time, my son was screaming. I took a platic egg from the decoration to calm down him and tried to take another picture and she, very RUDE told me to leave the egg because it was part of the decoration.
    The pics were horribles and the worst part it’s that I paid for them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Meanwhile she wanted to take the photo, I took a picture with my own camera and he’s not crying…… she waited lots of time to take the picure. They looked to be not happy with their work and it’s so sad because they’re working with kids. She didn’t give me a receipt for what I paid. She’s at the cashier with red hair and a tatoo in her neck.

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