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Sour Cherries and Summer Peaches Pick-up

Great fruits from Battleview Orchards. Freehold, NJ. Everyone had fun.


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Jasmine and Sheba

Sweet young mother and her daughter now live with us from 6/11/2011.

Jasmine found in the streets, young and pregnant, she gave birth to six kittens and has been and remains a very serious and responsible mother. We also took Sheba, her daughter, who was born on March 3. We left them the names which they received at the shelter. The first two months they lived in the basement and Jasmine selflessly to protect the child from the big scary Pumpkin and he gave way.  But now Pumpkin regained his status quo  – he is alpha cat for today. Sorry for basement photo.

Vacation on Jersey Shore: water and fireworks. Day 4


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Vacation on Jersey Shore: Fun and ice-cream. Day 3

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Vacation on Jersey Shore: Ocean and dolphins. Day 2


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Vacation on Jersey Shore: Sun and Sand. Day 1

Three hours on Garden State Parkway, which crosses New Jersey from the south to the north and we are finally on the island. There are three and a half of the city, we lived in Matador Motel, in the North Wildwood. The hotel overlooks the ocean (but not our window) and stands at the beginning of Boardwalk. There is the famous Arch, it says “Through this arch walk the happiest people in the world”. We immediately went to the ocean, there Matt faced a wave and refused to continue to swim . But then he discovered the swimming pool (heated) and had enough. We walked on Boardwalk, tasted Fudge and arrived back on the electric Tramcar. The Tramcar is a trackless train service running on the Boardwalk from 1949! We ate in great restaurant (it was my birthday) and had a really great first vacation day, we decided we will rent a beach house from twiddy while we are here, I mean the houses look incredible and I just want to get the most out of this vacation.


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