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Hurricane Irene

She was big and scary and had a very good PR company. Hope everyone fine.

Wow NASA photo from aboard the International Space Station.


Ventivines vineyard

We walked through the vineyards and saw the grapes on the vines, hiked up to the high meadow and fed the flock of sheep, sat on a real tractors (when nobody was looking) and walked by tasting room. It was a great trip.


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Demarest Farms Peaches Pick-up

It’s a big farm with a market and picnic tables. To pick-up peaches, you have to pay for a hay ride and bags for fruit. That’s all. There is no weighting for the harvested fruit after the trip. The market  has a salad bar, stands with soups, pastries, homemade lemonade, freshly brewed coffee and homemade ice cream.


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