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Vacation: Boardwalk

Seaside heights boardwalk is not very long, but has twice as usual of shops, food and game spots. It has all – pizzas (sorry, tomato pies), ice-cream and gelato, fried-anything-foods, fudge and candy; flashy t-shirts and pants, money-eating games, like wheels of chance, with stuffed prizes-animals, arcades with slot machines and cranes with always-too-weak claws, vintage carousels and many rides on two piers, stage for performances and Boardwalk Cable Car, pubs and cafes. Sometimes we saw bicycle policemen, guards and cameras, which meant that there was show “Jersey Shore“, whatever that may mean.


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Vacation: Motel

We were in Seaside Heights on summer vacation, Belmont Hotel was our home for 4 days. Good bright rooms, great clean 3 1/2 – 8 ft. swimming pool, automatic conditioners and responsible stuff. From July 1, we had free breakfast.

We had two bedrooms (Deluxe Luxury Suites) with two TV, two conditioners, sofa and two queen beds with funny rustling mattresses, because of plastic wrap on it. It was cold but not slippery tile floor in the rooms. And police department just across the street, so sometimes it was very loud.


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Farms View Greens

Great farm stand in Wayne, NJ. Animals! Colorful flowers! Fresh vegetables! Delicious pickles!


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Mulberry and More


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