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Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…

Our neighborhood after Sandy.


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Ramapo Waterfall

Great stones climbing and jumping in leaves around waterfalls in Ramapo Valley County Reservation. We tried to look at the fall beauty before Hurricane Sandy comes. Enchanted place – every time we come, the trees have almost/still no leaves. First, we had a long climb up to sign “waterfall”, and than we went down to the waterfalls and crossed the river twice, jumping stones. It was fun and a little scary.


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Applewood Orchards, Warwick, New York

Applewood Orchards – fun for adults and kids too. A slightly muddy parking and around, but great picnic area with local made food, live music and puppet show. Hayride for orchards and pumpkin picking, wine tasting for adults. Apples pick became apples pick-up – most of the apples were on the ground.


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Field Station: Dinosaurs

If you, like me, always wanted to know how big dinosaurs were in real life, you need to visit Field Station: Dinosaurs in Secaucus, NJ. They’re big and (during first minutes of visit) scary creatures: they move and roar. Carnivores and herbivores, cute and evil. I missed only one feeling for full immersion – the smell, you know, like in a zoo.
Tickets are not cheap, and an unpleasant surprise – additional paid parking ($10).


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Harvest and Crafts Festival in NJ Botanical Garden


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