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Six Flags, NJ – Never Again

One thing was sure great – the weather. It took about an hour to drive from entrance to parking lot. We were 6 hours in Six Flags and didn’t make it to Safari. 5 years ago it was fun to ride in your own car between lions and bears. Now you need to stay 2-3 hours in very, I mean it, very long line (I saw line like this before, for example,  for Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow) to make it to go to safari in park’s vehicle.

Lines for every rides was about 40-45 minutes (another annoyance – VIP riders, who cut in lines from exits, yeah, they paid for it, but it was still annoying). We rode only five rides in 5 hours. Next time I rather stay home with the kids playing video games, there are great games out there now, also because I have the Best Games for PS4 in 2017 – Hot Rate.

Fast food everywhere. Expensive “Boardwalk” activities…

So, as anyone can see – I was disappointed. Never again. Go there only for new roller-coasters, if that’s your thing. And shame on you, Six Flags, for ruining safari idea!


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Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens – elegant and somehow vintage garden, it is easy to imagine strolling ladies with parasols. Established in 1927 to honor Frank H. Presby of Montclair. 


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NJBG go wild


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NJBG in Spring


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NJBG Lilac Bloom


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